​Do you ship dogs? 

What breeds do you have?

Generally speaking, Toy/Mini Aussiedoodles and Mini Labradoodles.

Sometimes we put together purebred :Labrador, Mini Aussie,

Mini Poodle, or Toy Poodle litters based on what we need

for our own program, or if I get enough requests from clients.

If I don't have what you're looking for, chances are I know a good breeder that does. 

College Station, Texas


Availability Changes Daily

Longhorn Puppies

Where quality puppy parents find a responsible breeder. 

Why do people choose Longhorn Kennels?

Talk to me about health testing. I don't understand it. 

Why are you Longhorn Kennels if you're in College Station?

I get this one all the time, with some good-natured teasing!

We've always been Longhorn Kennels, when we

lived in Montana you can imagine the questions we got! 

Upon returning home to Texas, we chose 

College Station for a lot of reasons, it's pretty great here!

Of course we kept the kennel name, so here we are.


Where are you located?

College Station, Texas. 

We are Texans through and through but spent four years in Montana.

That's why you'll see that I have a Montana phone number.

It's important I maintain the same number for my clients.